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The agency is owned and managed by founders with over 15 years of experience managing a home-based program consistent with policy guides and regulations. 

The owner and directors of the agency are trained, experienced, and gifted teachers, counselors, and mentors who are sincerely committed to supporting people with disabilities to become active members of their communities.

Bethel is 100% owned by the founder who is the CEO. No parent corporation or holding companies are associated with the agency.

The owner, directors, and management have over 15 years of the below responsibilities:

1. Complying with all applicable federal, state, county, and municipal regulations that govern the operation of the business and any applicable licensure or certification requirements. 

2. Controlling and being responsible for all services provided, including those through a contractual agreement, initiating loans

3. Serving as, or employing, a qualified manager/administrator, who shall be responsible for the overall management of the business including those services provided through contractual agreements

4. Designating one or more employees to be in charge during those times when the manager/administrator is absent

5. Developing, revising, and implementing policies and procedures for the administration and operation of the Agency and protection of client rights

6. Providing an office that is suitable and safe for staff and clients, in compliance with local zoning, building, health regulations, and fire safety laws

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